Footprints In Heaven

For the first time in decades humanity has a new frontier to explore. The St. Marie is being sent nearly three-million light-years to the Triangulum Galaxy.
Follow Captain Roth, Commander Hays, and the crew of the St. Marie on a journey of discovery and exploration.
New stories to come periodically.

1: Launch Day
John Roth is pulled out of retirement to head a new mission of exploration. He, Commander Hays and their new ship, the St. Marie, are all set to explore a new Galaxy.

2: Something Better
They might have made it to the Triangulum Galaxy, but Roth and the crew of the St Marie haven't left their old problems behind.

3: First Steps
Commander Hays leads the St. Marie's first planetary exploitation mission. Where they discover alien ruins and an ancient mystery.

4: Light and Shadows


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