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I always liked making up stories. Now, I guess I'm doing it on a larger scale.

When Rob was child, bedtime stories were down to his dad. Because it's the kind of thing father's do, the deal became that Dad would read, but only if he chose the books. Thus they quickly progressed from Puddle Lane and Thomas the Tank Engine to Terry Brooks and JRR Tolkien. 
That, combined with a perpetual love of Star Trek (thanks again, Dad), has led to Rob's joint loves of SciFi and Fantasy.

Rob was diagnosed with Dyslexia around the time he started school, and (despite a love of stories) didn't start  actually reading until about the age of eight. Until then, audio-books were his gateway to the varied worlds of fiction.

He only started writing in earnest while he was at university (studying Archaeology), and where he spent far to much  time writing Star Trek stories (that will never see the light of day).
After realising that a career in archaeology would mean having to go outside, Rob retrained in IT Support, and moved into writing original fiction (no, you can't see that one either).

Now, several years, multiple stories , several successful NanoWriMos, and a lot of writing later, Rob's debut novel Slave Mind is now out on amazon.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to leave a review!

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