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Indie Reading List

Stuck inside? Bookstores and libraries closed? Why not check out these great e-books from indie authors. Links are to author pages. Listed are standalones or the first books in some awesome series. Go ahead and take look. What else are you doing with your time? Fantasy: “Blood of the Eohim” by J. Fries. “Islands of Loar: Sundered” by Ernie Laurence Jr. “The Goblets Immortal” (Fiction Without Frontiers) by Beth Overmyer “The Rune that Binds” by Jonathan Goff “Thorn of the Night Blossoms” by JC Kang Urban Fantasy: “Confessions of Innocence” (Innocence Cooper Series Book 1) by L.S. May “The Reaper’s Heart” (The Reaper's Heart Series Book 1) also by L.S. May (Books 2 and 3 are perfect Covid-19 books) “Divine Fraud”