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First Impressions (A Terran Legacy Short Story)

First Impressions  A Terran Legacy Short Story  Captain Dannage is looking for a new security officer for his cargo ship, but the only option he has left is an ex-Special Forces agent with a dark past and a short fuse. Can he trust her? Is there any other choice? Not in his price range. Shauna Arland has had a cloud hanging over her since her court martial. Now, she's got a chance at a proper job and a family if she can live long enough to save them. Download: EPub | PDF - Silicate III - Michael Dannage squinted into the early-morning sunlight. The streets were still damp from last night’s rain. The damp wouldn’t last, not with the light glittering off the glass skyscrapers and the chromed tower of the space elevator. Today was going to be a good day. Dannage glanced over to where Luc shifted his weight from foot to foot. He’d known the burly blond nearly half his life. They’d first met when Dannage signed on with a mid-range Cargo hau