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First up, The ElysianProphecy is Vivian Reis’s debut novel, and before you ask, yes, I’ve preordered it. 
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This is in response to Vivian’s YouTube challenge. Not being the youtubeing sort, I’m going to be old-fashioned and blog it.

With no further ado, let’s get on with it.
1. Secret society - A book you love but no one else talks about
I don’t have long book conversations with people (I really should, but I don’t). So I’m just going to go for the most obscure book I’ve enjoyed. Which is … Nightseer by L. K. Hamilton. It was an aborted attempt to start a high(ish) fantasy series, very Harry Potter esque. If you liked Hamilton’s early work then it’s well worth a look.

2. Voices - A scary novel that gives you the chills!
Not scary as such. But I found Kameron Hurley’s The Stars are Legion so very unsettling that I couldn’t finish it. (I have a blog post in the works about this) It’s really well written, it’s just so alien and odd it kept me constantly on edge and I tend to read to relax.

3. Blood crystals - A book with red on the cover
Skims through bookcase. Ooh. Okay. Spellslinger by Sebastien De Castell. 
It’s nearly time for Kellen to take his mage trials, which would be easier if he knew more than one spell. Cue, hijinks, betrayal, card games, revelations and a flying cat.  It’s just a super fun adventure romp. And De Castell always gives me the feels.

4. Kidnapped – A stand-alone novel you love
I don’t really read stand-alone books, ever. I don’t know why, I just end up reading series.
Ooh.  Unity by Jeremy Robinson (quickly before he writes a sequel or something).
Imagine, Hunger Games meets Pacific Rim with a bit of Battle Royal thrown into the mix. Fast-paced and exciting with some great characters and really good action. And giant robots.

5. Jesse – A bookish crush you have
Karrigan G’ladheon from Kristen Brittan’s Green Rider series. Who doesn’t like a bad-ass sword wielding, horse riding, err… messenger. She’s a strong, vibrant character, and it’s great to see how far she’s come since the start of the books. She’s the kind of person I’d love to just hang out with.
Although it would be nice to see her actually win a sword fight. Just the one.

6. Elysia – A book that nailed a magical setting
Jim Butcher’s Coxed Alera series. ‘nuff said.
Okay, Pokémon meets the lost legion, vs Star Trek’s the Borg.
The blend of Genius loci and totem creatures/spirits makes for a really interesting magic system that’s integrated into the world and setting. Frontier-lands battered by sentient storms, waterways patrolled by the guard's water furies, everything just comes together so well. If I could press-gang you into reading anything from this list, the Alera books would be it (or them). Everyone I know loves them (I’ve made sure of that).

7. Transmutation – What’s your favourite fantasy animal?
I really want to say Mouse from the Dresden files. Who doesn’t like the idea of a magic dog the size of a small horse?

8. Oracles – A book with magical folk
Must not use Jim Butcher again, must not use Jim Butcher again. Must not…. A-hah!
Dime Store Magic The first Kelley Armstrong book I ever read, and it’s about the age old conflict between Witches and Wizards.
I love the idea of the “everyman” character thrown in the deep end and, eventually, watching them rise the occasion. While Page doesn’t quite start out as an everyday person, the concept still applies.

9. Brethren - A book with a core group you love
Having just finished the audiobook for this. It’s fresh in my mind. And the character dynamics are brilliant.
Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding. Imagine steampunk Firefly. Darian Frey has brought together a ragtag group of individuals to crew his airship. They’re all a little bit broken, from the alcoholic surgeon to the Deamonist (scientist come mage) running from his past. But when the work together they somehow manage to become something greater than the sum of its parts.
And I love the cover-art.

I guess I’m supposed to “tag” someone to do this. I tag who-ever actually reads these. Make yourselves known, answer the questions and check out The Elysian Prophesy!


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