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Why the Total Recall remake doesn’t work (an author’s perspective).

Hey guys (those of you who are still around). Sorry I haven’t been on here much recently. A couple of nights ago I wound up watching the 2012 Total Recall remake. I remember seeing it when it first came out and not thinking much of it back them. I mean how can you do Total Recall without Mars? That was the best bit! That and the nose tracker… you people know what I mean. Anyways, watching it again I still don’t think much of it. (They replaced Mars with Australia – not that I have anything against Australia) I did however start to think about why I don’t rate it. It’s got some great actors. It’s actually rather well shot and edited. The action choreography is really well done – Both Bekensale and Biel prove that if you want to do good looking fight/action sequences get dancers (and that you should never pick a fight with a ballerina, they’re hard core). Remember this is just my opinion – To look at where it went wrong, I want to start with what went right. The one stor