Emotion is the root of everything.

"... and how does that make you feel?"
This seems to be one of the most common questions in therapy sessions (Not that we're talking about that today).
This is also one of the most important question a writer should be asking. Every time something happens ask your characters this question.

All the best stories start and end with emotion, it what people connect with.
What brought this on? I hear you ask. Watching the latest episode of Scorpion and thinking this is such an amazing story, there where so many times in here when I almost chocked up (I'm manly enough not actually cry at the TV, honest...). The narrative its self was fairly predicable, called most of the cliff hangers and plot "twists", but I would still hold it up as one of the best TV episodes of anything I've seen in a long time. If I could write half as good as that then I'd be happy.

Oh and Happy Christmas guys.


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