Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results...

*Fair warning, this post isn't about writing it's more a rant, which I hope some of you will find humorous.
I have a sort chapter segment I plan to post soon, so bare with me.

The title is a quote from Einstein. If this is case then I'm defiantly starkers, crazy, a hamper short of a picnic (you get the idea).
I've tried online dating, again. Last time I tried this it finished with a trip to the police station (I know what your thinking, but it wasn't my fault!).
And now for some fathomless reason, I'm trying again.

Dating, well meeting people in general, is a pain. You have to spend all your time haunting the local pub, club, grocery store, whatever.  Waiting for someone who looks vaguely interesting to show up. Then you  walk up to them and open with something like.
and you get one of three responses:
1. They blank you completely, or give you some derisive little look before walking away.
2. Their boyfriend shows up.
3. This

So instead you go for online dating, its safer. You can check out a girl before hand, and formulate and opener (Maybe run it past your writing group), without appearing creepy. And, you know, they can't mace you through the computer.
First step (I refuse to pay for this crap), set up a profile. You agonize over your profile (this one does go through a proof reader), find some good photos. Then go looking for "love".
After a couple of hours searching you find someone who has that rare combination of looks and more-intelligent-than-a-door-stop. You spend hours redrafting the perfect opener, you reference something in her profile (which is hard because her profile is only 10 words long), you ask some questions, you try to be funny, intelligent, interesting, grammatically correct.
And over the next couple of days, rinse and repeat about 100 times.

Then nothing, they took option one.

Now wasn't that a massive waist of time and energy?

<UPDATE 24/08/2014>
Well this isn't as much of a waist of time as before, there are actual normal people on this site. Woot! (yes I just used Woot as a superlative).

And for those of you who are in this for the writing (which I hope is most of you) here's a teaser of my next post which will be up as soon as I get it  back from the group.

The world outside of the Ricks visor was grey. There was nothing left alive out there anymore, just ghosts and broken shells.


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