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Another beginning.

Hey, as promised some more actual writing. But first some humor: You know your a writer when: You spend 15 minutes agonising over a work email because you've used the same word twice in the same paragraph. And I'm sure the recipient really appreciated it. Here we have Atlantis Rising Chapter 1 (After the Storm) Part 1 This was a story I started working on back in collage, at the time it was a Star Trek fanfic which can be found here . Since then I've been working it into it's own universe, the Trinadad Universe (slightly inspired by a dream I had once years ago). Preface: Fire Immortal. Everlasting. I have seen civilisations; entire species rise and fall in a heartbeat. I was there when your universe came into being; I was there at the start, where it began, within the fires of creation, in that moment when the infinite nothingness of the before became now, a universe borne in fire, of fire, bourn to burn. Species rise, expand, explore, and then, when the