Welcome, hello, 1st post!!!!, etc.

Hi and welcome,
Take a seat. I'll try not to keep you long but you might be as well be comfortable while a ramble.

As I've implied above I fancy myself for a bit of an amater writer. Now let's not get too far ahead. I write, occasionally it doesn't suck, and now I want to start sharing this habit of creating worlds and people, and then bending them to my will.

So (if you stick around long enough), you'll see short stories, chapters, snippets, characters and so on and so forth. But I'll also be writing about writing, showing you how I write the way I do maybe a bit on why, but that's a rather large existential subject worthy of it's own blog.

Anyway I've gone on for long enough for now, and it's getting late, so I'll leave you with one final perl of wisdom.

Former US President Andrew Jackson once stated that he had “little respect for a man who can only think of one way to spell a word."

This appeals to the dyslexic in me.


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