Terra Prime Cover Released Thanks to the fantastic work of Tom EdwardsTerra Prime (Book 2 of The Terran Legacy) now has a cover.
Captain Michael Dannage is losing his mind. Or more accurately, it’s being stolen. It started as dreams, whispers in the dark. But now, the voices are intruding into his waking thoughts. It’s been a year since the Terran Imperium’s sentient warships ripped through colonised space. During the final battle, Dannage had to link with the ships – and now they won't let him go. With the Terran ships clawing at his sanity, Dannage is desperate for a cure. The search throws Dannage, Arland and the crew of the Hope’s Folly into the political machinations of a secessionist government, the clutches of black-market scientists, and finally, onto a perilous mission to the heart of the ancient Terran Imperium, to Terra Prime. But Terra Prime holds secrets older and darker than any of them could imagine. Some things were never meant to exist in our reality.

Terra Prime w…
Stuck inside? Bookstores and libraries closed? Why not check out these great e-books from indie authors.

Links are to author pages. Listed are standalones or the first books in some awesome series. Go ahead and take look. What else are you doing with your time?


“Blood of the Eohim” by J. Fries.

“Islands of Loar: Sundered” by Ernie Laurence Jr.

“The Goblets Immortal” (Fiction Without Frontiers) by Beth Overmyer

“The Rune that Binds” by Jonathan Goff

“Thorn of the Night Blossoms” by JC Kang

Urban Fantasy:

“Confessions of Innocence” (Innocence Cooper Series Book 1) by L.S. May

“The Reaper’s Heart” (The Reaper's Heart Series Book 1) also by L.S. May

(Books 2 and 3 are perfect Covid-19 books)

“Divine Fraud” by Thomas Green…

Hope's Folly Plans

The design of the Folly originally spawned from a folded piece of paper on my desk, which gave it it's distinctive "blunt arrowhead" silhouette and low profile. (anyone who's been around long enough will remember the 3D prototypes from 2014. The design had evolved a lot since then with the help of Jason Lee and Tom Edwards (who produced the fantastic covers for Slave Mind and the upcoming Terra Prime).

Game of Thrones Clegane-bowl (an author’s perspective)

Like a lot of people I’ve been into a Game of Thrones for the last five years or so (yes I was late to the party). And, like lots of people online, I’ve found parts of the final series to be somewhat lacking. One of the scenes that I’d like to look at in more detail is the long-awaited Clegane-v-Clegane smack-down. That final epic fight between the huge brothers. Or Cleganebowl as the internet has dubbed it.
Straight up, the fight itself was a visual masterpiece and really well choreographed. It was great spectacle, and I’d even go so far as to say it has a really interesting mini-ark, with rise, fall and “darkest moment”. But as part of the broader narrative, I found it lacking in stakes. People (or readers) want character motivations, and given Thrones has been a largely character driven it’s expected that character motivations should be the driving force behind something this “big”. When it comes to character motivations, I’ve found that …

Slave mind cover art and release date.

Thanks to the amazing work of Tom EdwardsSlave Mind has now has cover art.

Tom is not only an amazingly talented artist, but has been incredibly patient, considerate and professional during the design process. As a first time author, I couldn't have asked for more.
Suffice to say, I'm immensely happy with the result. And hope you guys like it as much as I do.

Slave Mind will be out for kindle on April 7th, with the paperback following shortly afterwards. Check out the novel page for details.

First Impressions (A Terran Legacy Short Story)

First Impressions A Terran Legacy Short Story 
Captain Dannage is looking for a new security officer for his cargo ship, but the only option he has left is an ex-Special Forces agent with a dark past and a short fuse. Can he trust her? Is there any other choice? Not in his price range.
Shauna Arland has had a cloud hanging over her since her court martial. Now, she's got a chance at a proper job and a family if she can live long enough to save them.

Download: EPub | PDF

- Silicate III -
Michael Dannage squinted into the early-morning sunlight. The streets were still damp from last night’s rain. The damp wouldn’t last, not with the light glittering off the glass skyscrapers and the chromed tower of the space elevator. Today was going to be a good day. Dannage glanced over to where Luc shifted his weight from foot to foot. He’d known the burly blond nearly half his life. They’d first met when Dannage signed on with a mid-range Cargo haulier, the Curie, and had been fast friends ever si…